IntelliView Technologies Inc.

Name: IntelliView Technologies Inc.

IntelliView provides video analytics solutions for industrial surveillance applications. The system automatically detects threats and hazards in real-time, allowing operators to quickly respond to a situation, leading to enhanced safety and security.

IntelliView’s Dual Camera Analytic Module – Methane (DCAM-M) is a cost-effective, stationary, edge-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology solution that utilizes FLIR’s latest uncooled thermal gas sensor (LWIR) with on-site patented/proprietary image processing artificial intelligence (AI). The DCAM-M provides continuous monitoring and automated real-time detection and alerting (with image and video) of above-ground methane leaks. IntelliView’s product helps reduce methane emissions through real-time notification of new releases and visual confirmation, allowing operators to make decisions and respond quickly.


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