Fuel cell electric vehicles


Innovative Hydrogen Solutions Inc. (IHS) develops and commercializes breakthrough hydrogen-based technologies.  The company has developed a patent-pending aftermarket product for combustion engines.This product increases fuel efficiency of diesel engines by at least 5%, thereby offering very attractive ROI and payback while significantly reducing exhaust pollution.  Reductions in other greenhouse gases (GHG) such as CO2, NOx, NO, SO, and SO2 are also achieved.  In addition, the i-Phi technology has undergone a GreenPrint Assessment confirming compliance to the GHG Emission Reduction protocols (for both Regulated and Voluntary markets) meaning GHG reductions can be quantified and verified for credit/offset generation.

City: Aurora
Province/State: Ontario

Palcan is a hi-tech enterprise whose mission is help drive forward the “hydrogen” economy. Palcan produces, reliable, affordable, power systems for the transportation industry that are powered by “hydrogen” not gasoline or diesel.

Website Address: http://www.palcan.com/
City: Burnaby
Province/State: British Columbia