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Air Liquide Engineering & Construction designs, engineers, and constructs leading-edge processing facilities and related infrastructure. It is a technology partner of choice for the design, engineering and construction of leading-edge production units and related infrastructure worldwide to meet the needs of internal and external customers. Air Liquide has significant experience in air separation plants for oxygen and nitrogen production with more than 550 plants worldwide. Building on its core business and cryogenic expertise, Air Liquide established itself as a major player in CO2 capture, purification, liquefaction, and distribution. In total, it has built over 4,000 plants for third party customers and Air Liquide’s worldwide operations in technology as diverse as air separation, LNG, CO2 capture, methanol, hydrogen and syngas, oleochemicals, helium and natural gas treatment. Air Liquide has developed a proprietary CO2 capture and liquefaction portfolio, called Cryocap™ using in-house cryogenics, membranes, adsorption, and absorption processes. The technologies went through extensive pilot testing and demonstration testing and has now been deployed at commercial scale.

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