Asset Monitoring Solutions Inc

#659, 3553 - 31 St NW
Calgary, Alberta - Canada - T2L 2K7
AMS is an Alberta based private company that has been in business since 1991. The company has developed and commercialized a complete proprietary solution for the monitoring of assets. AMS’s wireless data communication products connect our customer’s assets to the internet enabling them to monitor real time sensor data online via a phone, tablet or computers. AMS recognizes operational efficiency is key to having a competitive advantage in the current market place which helps with overall profitability. Our solutions are built to meet the asset monitoring needs for all industries. WHAT WE DO We collect and present data from remote assets for our customers to optimize a process or procedure to save time, save money, reduce risk, increase efficiency, and profit through the use of advanced communication solutions. WHO WE ARE We are an OEM solution provider for Internet of Things (IoT) machine to machine cloud based asset monitoring solutions. Our engineering team consists of software and hardware engineers who strive to stay on the leading edge of technology and advanced communication solutions. CONNECTED OILFIELD AMS has developed a cloud based platform that can serve as the backbone for your digital transformation. eTrackdata server and eSensordata is a comprehensive asset monitoring solution ideally suited for today’s Oil and Gas operations. eSensordata provides an industry standard interface for sensors to collect data from whatever process or equipment that the energy company would like to monitor. eSensordata provides a cellular communication link to the internet, where it will interact with our cloud based eTrackdata server. eTrackdata Cloud Server is a secure cloud server that provides a user interface to monitor the Connected Oilfield. Interfaces include internet enabled devices such as cell phones, tablets, and desktop computers. The operator(s) preferred internet enabled device becomes the window to the Connected Oilfield. The ability to remotely monitor an oilfield site with literally hundreds of sensors can be achieved through eTrackdataTM server and eSensordataTM.