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CPA isolating perforated plate flow conditioners are applicable for all volumetric metering applications: Orifice, Ultrasonic, Venturi, Vortex, Turbine, Cone, Coriolis, Magnetic etc. CPA Customer Support  Canada Pipeline Accessories is passionately involved in the measurement industry by participation in industry research projects, measurement standards, school committees, conferences, trade shows and further product research, development and testing. CPA personnel support customers by assisting in resolving measurement disputes between companies and any agencies such as Measurement Canada, AGA, BLM, etc. CPA will ensure that the agencies’ issues are addressed on behalf of the customers.  CPA has long‐term relations with calibration facilities and can assist with diagnosis of any measurement problems. Our engineering staff has a comprehensive background in fluid dynamics and can quickly determine and help resolve flow related issues. CPA Engineering and Compliance  Canada Pipeline Accessories has 20+ years of testing and performance data on the CPA flow conditioner(s). This testing is from orifice, turbine, ultrasonic applications as well as many other volumetric flow meter installations. Testing performed in a variety of fluids and viscosities such as natural gas, air, water, liquid petroleum, heavy oils, helium, chlorine, etc. Testing performed at many independent research and calibration facilities around the world. All testing and compliance data is only applicable to the CPA flow conditioners as it is inherently linked to CPA’s manufacturing, engineering and quality assurance programs. Production of the CPA flow conditioners is tightly controlled by CPA to meet our desired tolerances and final product quality.

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