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Canadian UAVs (CUAVs) provides aerial surveillance and monitoring technologies that allow companies to determine where emissions are propagating, and then devise a means to reduce their impact. Its Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) fly further and lower than manned aircraft, allowing it to gather more data in a very cost and time efficient manner. Using CUAVs services, operators can implement a thorough and frequent investigation of their assets to understand what level of emissions they are contributing. CUAVs services provide insight for a client’s reporting and mitigation effort and are a tool for producers and operators to execute on their net-zero emission commitments.  With flight safety a first priority, Canadian UAVS also provides solutions for a range of applications. Canadian UAVS provides GIS, risk and insurance mitigation, iterative automated topographical data acquisition, mining, energy, and asset security solutions.

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City Calgary
Province Alberta