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Carbonova is a technology company developing a solution to produce high-volumes superior carbon nanofibers for use in massive market applications. Carbonova technology utilizes green house gas feedstocks, methane and carbon dioxide, and turns them into a sustainable and valuable commodity. The company owns the proprietary process and catalysts formulation. With its headquarters in Alberta, Carbonova is on track to build the first large scale, commercial, carbon nanofiber unit. Carbon nanofiber is a material with extraordinary mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties. It has applications in a wide variety of industries including transportation, concrete, electronic devices, textiles, ink, coatings, lubricants, tires, and agriculture. The company produces carbon nanofiber from a novel process that utilizes carbon dioxide and methane. The feedstocks have low cost and high global warming impacts, and are transformed into a material that is valuable and in demand. Carbon nanofiber is 40 times stronger and four times lighter than steel. It even created a new category of super ultrahigh strength allowing us to broaden the horizon of what we consider “possible”. Carbonova technology is similar in many aspects to conventional catalytic processes, performing in a continuous flow mode with a high rate of conversion. It does not have the complications and limitations of other processes such as plasma, laser, or electrochemical.

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City Calgary
Province Alberta