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Coanda is a high-tech service provider that aims to study and de-risk some of the most technically difficult problems in industry. To tackle such complex challenges, Coanda develops and leverages a range of advanced methodologies such as physical and computational (CFD) modelling, mathematical and statistical modelling, data science, artificial intelligence and analytics, custom software development, and instrumentation. Customers attain real value as Coanda helps them develop an understanding of new, core technologies to enable implementation of novel processes and products or to improve and optimize their existing systems. Coanda offers an unparalleled blend of academic-level knowledge and approach, broad-spectrum expertise and substantial infrastructure resources delivered within the responsive framework of a consulting team focused on timelines and budgets to resolve customers’ technical challenges. With extensive experience in the areas of fluid dynamics, chemical, process, and geotechnical engineering as well as data science and instrumentation, Coanda has performed development projects for various carbon capture technologies, biofuel plant troubleshooting, and helped in the diagnosis of operating problems in refinery applications.

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City Burnaby
Province British Columbia