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Direct-C provides previously unachievable certainty in 24/7 leak detection monitoring for the oil and gas industry. Completely free of false-positive alarms, Direct-C’s solutions provide clients with ultimate confidence – when an alert notification is received, liquid hydrocarbons are present at the sensor location. No longer are control rooms required to analyze incoming data or make judgment calls and interpret the alarm for spurious triggers from slack-line and multiphase flow changes, external disturbances, etc. Upon receiving an alert from Direct-C, immediate actions can be taken to minimize the impact of the release incident. Direct-C has several monitoring options to satisfy all hydrocarbon infrastructure operators’ needs. Below and above ground pipelines, tank farms, production wells, reclamation sites – all can benefit from the deployment of standard or customized Direct-C monitoring solutions. Enhancing incident reaction times and reducing the risk of an undetected leak benefits operators, the environment, and the public. Within a few minutes of liquid hydrocarbons being present at a monitoring point, operators receive an alarm advising of the incident and its exact location. Response protocols can be deployed instantly and with conviction.

Products & Services

  • Clean Technologies and Environmental Management related to Oil and Gas
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline and Processing Facilities
    Integrity management (corrosion), surveillance (including remote and automated), inspection (hydrostatic testing services)
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline and Processing Facilities
    Emergency response, safety and security technologies, environmental protection, training for first responders and workforce
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline and Processing Facilities
    Advanced leak detection technologies, corrosion, spill response