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Golu Hydrogen Technologies has developed a disruptive green hydrogen production technology, Gölu-H2 that thermo- catalytically extracts hydrogen from a combination of water and a renewable product, ethanol which, unlike electrolyzers requires no electricity. Gölu-H2 allows decentralized production of green hydrogen and clean electricity, independent of petroleum feed stocks and high CAPEX wind and solar energy. Use of widely available, low carbon ethanol as feed stock in Gölu-H2 solves the hydrogen distribution problem by tapping into existing petroleum pipelines, transportation, distribution, storage and dispensing systems already available globally. Gölu-H2 modularized integrated power generation systems are specially designed for onsite hydrogen generation for heavy and light duty HFCEVs refueling and generate power for EV charging. Modular units installed onboard a flatbed rail car or a ship will generate hydrogen to drive a hydrogen locomotive or a ship. Rail and ship owners will

use existing liquid fuel storage and dispensing facilities for ethanol and avoid building cost prohibitive hydrogen supply chain infrastructure. Larger designed built Gölu-H2 units will help decarbonize conventional grey hydrogen utilizing industry sectors such as power generation, petroleum hydro processing, biofuel, SAF, ammonia, fertilizers, bioplastics and steel manufacturing sectors.

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City Edmonton
Province Alberta