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Calgary, Alberta - Canada - T2C 1N1
HARBER Coatings Inc. has commenced its business in 1999, developing a sound knowledge and expertise in the field of resisting corrosion and abrasion – within a variety of industries. In 2002, HARBER determined that ENC (Electroless Nickel Coating) offered the most adaptable protective coating to industrial corrosion and abrasion problems. HARBER’s ENC coating today is technology-wise the world's number one ENC system that provides stable/reliable, proven performing coating solutions than competitors. Its coating deposits nickel (with important phosphorous inclusions) process, that guarantees lifetime provides no flaking, minimum 20 times better working life on the coated substrates, proven large scale production experiences and enhanced production efficiency. We are capable of coating and protecting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, Brass, Copper, Inconel, etc. substrate material with a focus and commitment on excellence, superior and clear cost-benefits to each client over hard chrome, epoxy/polymer and thermal spray coating systems. HARBER’s intellectual properties include InnoGUARDTM Flakeless ENC, created to meet the demanding needs of clients with corrosion and abrasion issues on equipment, parts and tools. InnoGUARDTM has been successfully used in oil & gas, petrochemicals, paper & paper paste, power generating, steel mill, mining, marine industries and offshore projects. Typical applications are but not limited to tools, Wellheads, Valves and Pipe Spools, Pump Equipment and others. With the increased importance of assets integrity, equipment reliability, erosion, abrasion and corrosion resistance (including High Chlorides, Oxygen, Steam, Brine Water, H2S and CO2), ENC is now being considered for more uses than ever before. HARBER’s ENC is an extremely cost-effective technology. It is an environmentally approved coating technology to guarantee equipment optimization by reducing maintenance and replacement of valuable metal assets.

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