iMEC Corporation

5100, 150-6th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta - Canada - T2P 3y7
iMEC Corporation is an international consulting firm specializing in the areas of hydrocarbon measurement, regulation and the environment for the oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries. Founded in 2012, iMEC is one of the largest specialized measurement and regulatory reporting organizations in North America, with over 500 person-years of technical experience. iMEC’s highly qualified and experienced subject matter experts perform and prepare pipeline and facility audits, imbalance assessments, measurement and quality excellence programs, and ensure regulatory & environmental compliance. iMEC has a market leading position in Canada, growing businesses in the USA, Mexico and the UK, and it is expanding into other parts of the world. iMEC’s experience level and technical expertise in these areas is unrivalled. Through its disciplined approach to providing effective solutions, iMEC provides exceptional, customized results to its clients, on either a full-time or a part-time basis. iMEC’s highly qualified personnel are looking forward to talking to you about your company’s Instrumentation, Measurement, Environmental and Controls requirements. Call or visit today to request a free, no obligation consultation.