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LCO Technologies is a green technology innovator and distributor of PANAM Engineers high quality, low cost instrumentation Hand Valves, Manifolds, and Tube Fittings. In 2016, LCO established itself as one of Alberta’s leading oil and gas innovators with the invention of an orbital drive system for chemical injection or instrument air compression, called the Crossfire. The Crossfire is an ultra-high efficiency drive system used as a configurable common platform to perform specific tasks that reduce or eliminate methane venting. One Crossfire, configured as a chemical injection pump with 4 heads, can replace 4 pneumatic pumps. Configured as an instrument air compressor, the Crossfire eliminates methane venting from instrumentation. Configured as a vapour recovery unit (VRU), the Crossfire can capture tank vent gas and re-compress it for destruction.  Modbus communication protocol and data logging provides information on everything from operating parameters to data for carbon credits.

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City Calgary
Province Alberta