Qualitas International Inc.

107, 138 - 18 Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta - Canada - T2G5P9
Qualitas offers a complete range of products and services that reaches from the initial concept through field installation to sustained plant operations. Our expertise, gained over more than 29 years of operations in the petroleum industry at the forefront of various jobs in challenging locations, is reflected in the quality of our technical knowledge and project execution capabilities. Qualitas has worked for companies in Gabon (West Africa), Kazakhstan, as well as Kurdistan. The remote nature of these jobsites has required us to take into account specific aspects such as transportability of the equipment, use of simplified, yet safe instruments and control systems, the selection of highly reliable individual components and the preparation, supply and stocking of critical operating spare parts for the projects.


Products & Services

  • Field Development and Infrastructure
    Surface facilities and gathering systems including pipeline and oilfield construction
  • Field Development and Infrastructure
    Processing facilities
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline and Processing Facilities
    Building and operating natural gas plants and processing plants
  • Renewable Energy related to Oil and Gas