Roke Technologies Ltd

100-1220 28th Street NE
Calgary, Alberta - Canada - T2A 6A2
Roke Technologies Ltd. is a Canadian based oil and gas technology company focused on through pipe data technologies. One of its' premiere international technologies is the Quad Neutron, a slim deep reading through pipe measurement, which enables acquiring data from within drill pipe or through complex wellbore completions. Applications include production optimization through water shut off or by adding bypassed pay intervals. The dual measurement physics eliminates the need for external data inputs when calculating porosity, saturation and shale volume. For vent flow / sustained casing pressure problem wells, Roke has developed the Sound Hound noise log and Vent Nanny surface monitor. For storage cavern interface logging, Roke has developed the Annulus Interface Measurement (AIM) tool. Utilizing a proprietary new high energy short half life gamma source, the AIM tool literally improves your AIM while reducing the risk of using a radioactive source based measurement in your cavern.

Products & Services

  • Drilling, Well Completion and Stimulation, Pumping services
    Wireline logging and monitoring