Sulfur Recovery Engineering

Unit 105, 2750 3rd Ave NE
Calgary, Alberta - Canada - T2A 2L5
Founded in 1998 by John O’Connell, an authority in SRU environmental and engineering circles with a proven track record in Sulfur Recovery in Gas Plants and Refineries Worldwide, SRE has successfully completed hundreds of projects, and is an industry leader in the development and on-site use of state-of-the-art equipment and processes. Sulfur Recovery Engineering has the capability to collect samples from almost any process gas stream in any unit at a wellhead, gas plant, or refinery, and perform an immediate onsite analysis. SRE has also performed onsite testing for fertilizer plants, CO2 plants, pulp mills, and has even performed building air quality assessments. SRE’s services provide our customers with invaluable information regarding the materials and reactions taking place within their processes, and how this impacts equipment, operations, and their bottom line. SRE provides solutions to operating problems, and helps clients to optimize amine and sulfur recovery units, limit emissions, prevent unscheduled emergency plant shutdowns, and control costs.

Products & Services

  • Health and Safety
    Equipment and training
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline and Processing Facilities
    Pipeline and oil and gas facilities engineering and design
  • Training
    Oil and gas industry training and education (Canada’s educational institutes and partners are world leaders in training and education and offer services abroad.)