Spectrum Process Systems

285175 Kleysen Way
Rocky View, AB - Canada - T1X 0K1
Spectrum Process Systems (formerly Opsco) is a 40 year old fabricator specializing in heavy pressure vessels and packaging process equipment, we have a first class ~80,000 Sq ft facility with rail system to move large modules and vessels ~240,000lbs back and forth into the separate blast/paint building and the assembly shop, as well a fully segregated stainless shop,  lots of crane capacity and 34’ under hook height for larger modules as well lots yard space to pre-fit up packages.

Products & Services

  • Oil and Gas Pipeline and Processing Facilities
    LNG Liquefaction and Site Storage
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline and Processing Facilities
    LNG Consumption

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Inc.

Suite 1220, 401 - 9 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta - Canada - T2P 3C5

Delta Remediation

Delta Remediation
Acheson, Alberta - Canada - T7X 6B4
Delta Remediation (Delta) is a Canadian Environmental technology and field services company. Specializing in Bio Remediation, Delta has created an amplified natural process to handle hydrocarbon contaminants on-site and in a short time period. Delta's proprietary bioremediation process known as BioLogix eliminates liability and creates economic savings when compared to conventional methods such as landfilling. Committed to continuous improvement throughout the environmental industry Delta has developed a number of secondary technologies. to support innovation and efficiency. Delta's secondary technologies include the EcoBinder for liquid waste solidification as well as the Screen Logix Field analysis tool for screening soil samples for petroleum hydrocarbons in real-time. Delta Remediation is also a distributor for Ultratech International and Green Ocean Absorbents offering innovative containment and absorbent solutions for industry..

Products & Services

  • Clean Technologies and Environmental Management related to Oil and Gas
    Environmental Management
  • Clean Technologies and Environmental Management related to Oil and Gas
    Oilfield recycling, drilling waste management, water treatment, site remediation and reclamation, monitoring equipment, environmental protection services, containment, equipment and training
  • Clean Technologies and Environmental Management related to Oil and Gas
    Environmental Equipment

Waterford Energy Services Inc.

1533 Barrington Street, Suite 200
Halifax, Nova Scotia - Canada - B3J1Z4

School of Public Policy

906 8 Ave SW, 5th Floor
Calgary, Alberta - Canada - T2P1H9
The School of Public Policy’s Extractive Resource Governance Program focuses on working collaboratively with partner jurisdictions to assist them in developing fit-for-purpose fiscal and regulatory governance frameworks to responsibly unlock and manage endowments of hydrocarbon and mineral resources. The mission of the ERGP is to provide policy and regulatory analysis and capacity development through education and training to assist jurisdictions with newly discovered resources or evolving extractive resource policy and/or regulation in establishing sound extractive resource governance policies. The ERGP focuses on three core areas that are critical to the establishment of sound and sustainable extractive governance frameworks: - Fiscal governance, which includes policies involving the collection, management and disbursement of resource revenue. This also includes evaluations of tax and royalty systems and how they impact the general public through the financing of infrastructure, public services, employment, etc.; - Regulatory framework, which includes policies related to the energy regulation design, and operations for oil and gas development including regulatory and environmental frameworks, licensing and contracts, resource conservation and recovery, compliance and enforcement, institutional and organizational design; and - Public engagement and community consultation, which includes policies and practices involving the appropriate utilization of local, state and national government revenues for sustainable and mutu¬ally beneficial economic and social policies. Included is the evaluation of stakeholder and community engagement strategies, such as building effective stakeholder and community relations, and local economic development. The ERGP is a highly responsive resource that delivers quality, customized programming tailored to the needs and interests of its clients. The ERGP has trained hundreds of government officials around the world and hosted numerous capacity-building workshops on issues such as: development of natural resource management frameworks; resource revenue management and saving mechanisms; community engagement and stakeholder consultation; regulation of unconventional resources; among many others. Our training programs are designed to meet the unique needs of our partners and clients. ERGP offers custom programs such as tailored workshops as well as its executive certificate program in Extractive Resource Governance. The certificate consists of three week-long modules in fiscal governance, regulatory governance, and community engagement.

Products & Services

  • Training