Drilling fluids and chemical suppliers

Chemscape, and its flagship product sdsBinders, is pushing boundaries to develop a system that does more than just manage Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). sdsBinders is building upon their solid foundation for managing SDSs and hazardous chemical products and evolving with innovative tools and features that use a client’s existing chemical inventory (SDSs) and applies qualitative risk assessments to promote occupational health and safety.

City Calgary
Province Alberta
Website https://www.chemscape.com/

ClearTech is a name recognized throughout Canada for Responsible Distribution of chemical products, as well as chemical feed and transfer pumps, weighing systems, analytical products, and process equipment. With 10 facilities in 7 major centers across Canada.

City Calgary
Province Alberta
Website https://www.cleartech.ca/

Coanda Research and Development Corp. develops and leverages a range of advanced methodologies such as physical and computational (CFD) modelling, mathematical and statistical modelling and bespoke instrumentation. Their scientific, logical approach to industrial and engineering challenges often leads to fundamental, lasting solutions.

City Burnaby
Province British Columbia
Website http://www.coanda.ca

Inland Technologies Canada Inc is a full-service airport environmental compliance and ground support specialist company. Inland offers a range of airport environmental services including spent aircraft de-icing fluid collection, glycol recycling, and stormwater management.

City Truro
Province Nova Scotia
Website http://www.inlandgroup.ca

Irving Blending & Packaging wants to be a partner of choice. Irving’s Core product portfolio includes over 1,400 traditional lubricant, water, solvent, alcohol based chemical specialty fluids, greases and low viscosity petroleum based products that deliver greater purity, durability, multi-functionality and performance.

City Saint John
Province New Brunswick
Website http://www.irvingblend.com

LubeCorp is the purveyor of All-SAFE™ Industrial fluids. Use of its products reduces the risk of harmful side-effects and industry related illness and the All-SAFE™ line’s biodegradability and non-toxicity ensures minimal environmental impact. All-SAFE™ products are certified by Environment Canada’s EcoLogo/UL Program, which ensures stringent requirements for environmental leadership.

City Calgary
Province Alberta
Website https://www.lubecorp.com

Prolab is an innovative manufacturer who develops and markets specialized lubricants and treatments that are environmentally friendly. Prolab’s solutions offer noticeable benefits to national and international industrial and transportation sector customers.

City Thedford Mines
Province Quebec
Website http://www.prolab-technologies.com

Solmax is a geosynthetics manufacturer. Their products contain and drain, shielding the soil, water, and air from toxins and pollutants in applications such as landfills and mines.

City Varennes
Province Quebec
Website http://www.solmax.com

Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. is the global leader in the advancement of dynamic fluid injection technology for oil and gas well stimulation and Improved/Enhanced Oil Recovery. Through its innovative Powerwave™ technology, Wavefront provides the oil and gas industry an effective means to place fluids into the reservoir. The dynamic action of Powerwave’s fluid pulses divert injected fluids away from established flow paths; achieving better fluid distribution.

City Edmonton
Province Alberta
Website https://www.onthewavefront.com/