Hydrogen production

Aquistore is an independent research and monitoring project which will serve as the storage site for the world’s first commercial post-combustion CO2 capture, transportation, utilization, and storage project from a coal-fired electrical generating station (Boundary Dam CCS Project).

City Estevan
Province Saskatchewan
Website http://www.aquistore.ca

Ekona Power produces industrial-scale hydrogen that is both low-cost and clean by converting natural gas into hydrogen, clean power, and pure CO2 that can be easily stored or used. Ekona Power’s solution will assist Industrial H2 Consumers including refineries (ammonia plants or chemical plants) who are seeking new solutions that can deliver large-scale, green H2 at costs on par or better than incumbents as well as Natural Gas Transmission & Distribution Companies that seek to decarbonize their Natural Gas (NG) pipeline networks by injecting low-cost green H2, at costs similar to pipeline NG, to reduce downstream GHG emissions.

City Vancouver
Province British Columbia
Website https://www.ekonapower.com/

Hy2gen Canada Inc. aims to play the leading role in the newly established North American market of green hydrogen. During the first phase of production, Hy2gen Canada (a subsidiary of German-based Hy2gen AG) will gradually increase its capacity of green hydrogen and reach 1,500 tons per month at its maturity. Hy2gen Canada has developed a customer network which guarantees a significant purchasing capacity, in addition to additional new demands for its product. In response to the demand, Hy2gen Canada will develop additional projects in several regions to ensure an effective geographical distribution.

City Montreal
Province Quebec
Website http://www.hy2gen.ca/

Hydrogen Optimized is a Canadian Hydrogen Technology company. They develop and complete green hydrogen production projects for their clients and partners using innovative hydrogen Technologies. Their vision is that by 2030, the adoption of clean hydrogen processes for energy and industrial purposes will have improved the quality of life for all individuals worldwide.

City Collingwood
Province Ontario
Website https://hydrogenoptimized.com/

Hydrolux is a green hydrogen production company distributing to warehouses looking to transition towards fuel cell powered forklifts. Paring their AI with a decentralised production model allows them to offer a fuel that will save their customers money, increase productivity and have a smaller impact on the planet. After addressing their beachhead market, Hydrolux’s long-term vision is to decarbonize the transportation industry.

City Montreal
Province Quebec
Website https://hydrolux.ca

Next Hydrogen’s innovative water electrolysis technology is designed to integrate intermittent renewable electric power sources and clean hydrogen production on an infrastructure scale. Next Hydrogen’s patented cell architecture, which enables modules up to 2.8 MW; gives operational flexibility rivalling PEM electrolysers while delivering the lifecycle economics of market proven alkaline systems. Because it can run at a higher current density than conventional electrolysers, its operating range is larger, and because gas-liquid separators and gas coolers are built inside the module multi-MW hydrogen generation plants can be pre-assembled in shipping containers, reducing plant erection costs.

City Mississauga
Province Ontario
Website https://nexthydrogen.com/

Planetary Hydrogen’s novel electrochemical cells empower energy companies to profitably fight climate change by creating hydrogen while taking CO2 out of the air.

City Gatineau
Province Quebec
Website https://www.planetaryhydrogen.com/

Proton Technologies is creating a continuous source of green, clean and affordable energy from deep earth. Using our patented technology for “Hygenic Earth Energy”, industries worldwide will convert hydrocarbon reservoirs into hydrogen mines and thermal generators, and simply leave the carbon and other pollutants in the ground.

City Calgary
Province Alberta
Website https://proton.energy/

Quadrogen is a clean technology company that builds customized biogas clean-up systems that allow waste-water treatment plants, landfills, agricultural digesters and power generation facilities to turn waste biogas into clean energy. The company also helps oil and gas producers convert shale and associated gas into hydrogen and natural gas, and also offers world-class engineering & design services for feasibility studies, custom manufacturing, and development programs. The company’s unique C3P process cleans biogas and other gases and makes them usable as heat/electricity, biomethane, CO2 for greenhouses/hydroponics, and/or hydrogen.

City Burnaby
Province British Columbia
Website http://www.quadrogen.com/

SBI BioEnergy (SBI) is the inventor and owner of Ethanol to Hydrogen conversion technology.  SBI’s facilities are located in the Edmonton Research Park and are equipped to conduct cutting edge research and technology development.  Its capabilities include catalysis, catalyst design, development, manufacturing, process and processor design, equipment development, fabrication, and process automation and controls.

City Edmonton
Province Alberta
Website https://www.sbibioenergy.com/

Terrestrial Energy is a developer of Generation IV advanced nuclear power plants that use its proprietary Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR) technology. IMSR technology represents true innovation in cost reduction, versatility and functionality of nuclear power plants. IMSR power plants will provide zero-carbon, reliable, dispatchable, cost-competitive electric power and high grade industrial heat for use in many industrial applications, such as chemical synthesis and desalination, and in so doing extend the application of nuclear energy far beyond electric power markets.

City Oakville
Province Ontario
Website https://www.terrestrialenergy.com/