Partial upgrading technologies

This company is focused on to the development and commercialization of a new sulphur removal and upgrading technology called DSU®. DSU® uses molten sodium to significantly reduce the levels of sulphur, metals, acid (TAN) and asphaltenes in heavy oil feedstocks, including oil sands bitumen. DSU® also significantly increases the API gravity of the feedstocks while achieving a relatively higher yield compared to conventional upgrading technologies (i.e. no large piles of coke or asphaltenes are left behind).

City Calgary
Province Alberta

Fractal Systems Inc. is a technology company who develops, patents, and deploys innovative, cost-effective solutions to improve producer margins, de-bottleneck infrastructure and provide flexibility associated with the transportation of heavy oil and bitumen.

City Sherbrooke
Province Quebec

MineSense™ Technologies is a technology development and marketing company enhancing the sustainability of mining by improving the ore recovery process.  MineSense™ provides a proven platform for the sensing and sorting of low-grade ore to a level of sensitivity unprecedented in the industry.

City Vancouver
Province British Columbia