Testing and certification

Greenlight Innovation has been a global supplier of the world’s most sophisticated electro-chemical testing and assembly equipment for fuel cells, electrolysers and batteries. For over 25 years, Greenlight’s equipment has set the industry standard for quality and reliability. With a range of power up to 500kW, Greenlight solutions have been used by the leading automotive companies, fuel cell and battery pack developers, systems integrators and research organizations. The company provide sales and service throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

City Burnaby
Province British Columbia
Website https://www.greenlightinnovation.com/

Powertech Labs is recognized worldwide as the leading authority for the testing and certification of high-pressure hydrogen fuel storage components and systems. A wholly owned subsidiary of BC Hydro, Powertech Labs is made up of 200 scientists, technicians, engineers and specialists who are pioneers in the development of high-pressure hydrogen technology for both vehicles and refueling infrastructure. Since 2001, Powertech has designed and constructed 12 turnkey, compressed hydrogen fueling stations which are installed across North America.

City Surrey
Province British Columbia
Website https://www.powertechlabs.com/

TesTneT Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of TesTneT Engineering GmbH of Munich.  TesTneT is an ISO 17025: 2017 registered organization, performing the high pressure testing of components used in hydrogen fuel systems.  TesTneT can conduct various tests involving hydrogen gas pressure cycling, hydraulic pressure cycling, and destructive tests (fire testing, gunfire penetration) on all elements of hydrogen fuel systems, including fuel containers, pressure regulators, valves, fittings, hoses, etc.

City Langley
Province British Columbia
Website https://h2-test.net/